Welcome to CEDARS Digital Multimedia Platform 

The Centre of Development and Resources for Students (CEDARS) establishes CEDARS Digital Multimedia Platform as part of multimedia strategy to create a humanistic, caring and intellectually stimulating environment for learning and growth.  

Mission of CEDARS Digital Multimedia Platform 

The CEDARS Digital Multimedia Platform serves as an open and interactive forum for students of the University of Hong Kong to achieve learning and growth through sharing on issues of their interests, be they related to the University, Hong Kong, China, and the global community as a whole.   Specifically, it will serve as:

  1. an open forum for debate and discussion on social, campus and international issues;
  2. a lively channel for communication among students irrespective on their cultural background;
  3. an effective platform of communication among the university administration,  alumni, the wider community and the students;
  4. a platform for students to seek support for personal development or to offer service;
  5. a learning hub for non-academic courses;
  6. an environment for students, especially the minority groups (eg. students with disabilities, non-local students, students from different cultural background,  students holding different beliefs, etc.) to share and express themselves; and
  7. a medium for promoting a lively and stimulating university life.

Individual students, student bodies and departments interested to share their multimedia works at CEDARS Digital Multimedia Platform or give comments, please contact CEDARS at 2219 4651 / dmp@cedars.hku.hk.